Arrays & Strings

Remove all the duplicate characters in a string.

We will use the hash map technique here.
Create a hash_map[26] ( 26 for the alphabet set) and initialize all indices to 0.
While traversing the array, if we see a character ‘x’, set hash_map[x] = 1.
If we see ‘x’ next time, we will not consider that element in the array.

using namespace std;

// remove the duplicate characters from the string
// function is case insensitive
// i.e 'a' and 'A' are duplicates
void removeDuplicateChars(char str[],int size) {
   int hash_map[26] = {0};
   int i;
   int pos = 0;
   for (i=0;i<size;i++) {
      // get the ascii value of the character
      int val = ((str[i] > 96) ? str[i]-'A'-32 : str[i]-'A');
      if (hash_map[val] == 0) {
         //character not seen previously
         str[pos] = str[i];
         hash_map[val] = 1;
   str[pos] = 0; // end the string

// main
int main() {
   char str[] = "thisIsastring";
   int size = sizeof(str);
   cout<<"\nOriginal String :: "<<str;
   cout<<"\nAfter removing duplicate Characters :: "<<str;

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