Arrays & Strings

Check if two strings are anagrams.
A word ‘x’ is an anagram of word ‘y’, if ‘y’ can be formed by rearranging the letters of the word ‘x’.
For e.g, cat & act are anagrams.

We know that zor of two identical characters is ‘0’.
1 zor 1 = 0
a zor a = 0
So, if we zor all the characters of the two strings and we get 0, then the two strings are anagrams.
Though the zor condition is necessary for the two strings to be anagrams, it is not sufficient because the algorithm will fail for some cases. For e.g, if the input strings are aaa and bbb, then zor of all the characters will be 0 but we can see that the two strings are not anagrams. So, we need to put another check. We will compute the sum of ascii values of the two strings ( sum1 for 1st strings and sum2 for second string) and then check if sum1 is equal to sum2. See the program below.

using namespace std;

// check if two strings are anagrams
bool isAnagram(char str1[], char str2[], int size) {
   // zor of equal values is zero
   int zor = 0, i;
   int sum1 = 0, sum2 = 0;
   for(i = 0; i < size; i++) {
      zor ^= str1[i];
      zor ^= str2[i];
      sum1 += str1[i];
      sum2 += str2[i];
   if(zor == 0 && sum1 == sum2)
      return true;
   return false;

// main
int main() {
   char str1[] = "this is a string";
   char str2[] = "gtha si  istsrin";
   int size = sizeof(str1)/sizeof(char);
   bool is_anagram = isAnagram(str1,str2,size);
   if (is_anagram)
      cout<<"\nInput strings are anagrams";
      cout<<"\nInput strings are not anagrams";
   return 0;

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